The meeting will take place at the Faculty of Physics (subway station: Palau Reial).
Note that in Google Maps it is mistakenly indicated as Faculty of Biology or Chemistry.

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Planning your trip

When planning the dates for your flights, please consider the following: The talks will start on Thursday, October 18th at 9:00. We suggest to arrive on Wednesday 17th. On that day, we will have a reception on the evening and a welcome dinner in which the participants will have the chance to already meet each other.

The talks will continue on Friday until the afternoon.

Public Transport

Barcelona is well connected by its subway system, called Metro. The network information is included in Google Maps, so you can plan your journeys directly there. We recommend you to buy a T-10 ticket in any of the ticket machines present in every metro station. It costs 10€ and is valid for 10 trips in metro or bus. Any other combined ticket is not advisable for a 3-day period.

Directions from the airport

The Airport of Barcelona is in a nearby town called El Prat.

The cheapest and comfortable way to travel from the Airport to the city is by train. The timetables can be checked at:

Select Departure point: Aeroport, and Destination: Barcelona-Sants (this is a train station well connected by metro to any part of Barcelona).

In the train station of the airport you can already buy a T-10 ticket. The trip by train from the airport to the Sants station is equivalent to any trip on the metro network – same price and the T-10 is valid. Do not be fooled to buy a regular train ticket, which costs more than the double.

Take care: There are two terminals in Barcelona’s airport. The train station is located in terminal 2. If your flight is arriving to terminal 1, you can take a shuttle bus to the other terminal. This bus is free of charge.

Depending on where you are coming from, you may find cheaper flights to the smaller airport of the nearby city Girona. This is certainly a viable option, very popular among tourists. Near the Girona airport there is a Bus station. The departure times of the buses are coordinated with the arrival of the planes. The trip to Barcelona takes about an hour and costs 15€.