The second edition of this conference will be held this year at Madrid IFT.
The “Barcelona Postgrad Encounters on Fundamental Physics” is conceived as a meeting of young researchers. We invite PhD students and young postdocs to participate in a friendly workshop intended to give them a unique opportunity to interact with each other, to present their own work and to get to know about the topics being developed in other institutions. The meeting has been conceived and is organized by students of our faculty.

The speakers will be selected from the participants themselves, with no senior invited talks. The aim is to create an informal environment that promotes discussions and interaction.

The topics covered by the talks are intended to range from mathematical studies such as string theory and QFT in curved spacetime to other grounded topics of condensed matter and strongly coupled systems, with an extra focus on holography and AdS/CFT . The talks will be selected to give a greater picture of how different fields of physics are interconnected with each other.

The meeting will take place in the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona, from the 17th to the 19th of October 2012.

There is no registration fee. Financial support is available, see the corresponding page.

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We acknowledge financial support from the University of Barcelona.